Composed predominantly of iron, steel is an alloy steel casting  made from a combination of iron, carbon, and sometimes other elements as well. The carbon content of steel is miniscule; although it ranges, carbon makes up less than or equal to 1.7% of a steel alloy by weight. As the carbon content nears its maximum level, the steel becomes stronger but more brittle.

There are many different kinds of steel, but perhaps the most prominent in today’s world is stainless steel. The composition of stainless steel is still chiefly iron, but it also includes a minimum composition of ten percent chromium. The added chromium (and often nickel as well) makes stainless steel resistant to rust. As it is highly hygienic, stainless steel is commonly used to manufacture those products that require sanitary conditions, such as flatware, medical instruments, and dental tools. It is also common in applications that require contact with corrosive chemicals

Steel alloys are widely used in many different industries, including automobile, construction, food, medical, paper, chemical, and hardware industries. Steel is currently the most widely recycled metal in the world; for this reason, much of the “new” steel is actually made from old steel goods that have been melted down and reworked

Alloy Steel Casting

Alloy Steel Castings

Model:Alloy Steel Castings

Detailed Description of RenYi Alloy Steel Casting Product:

1), Product Information:

SYI Foundry can offer alloy steel casting product with Max. weight to 20 kgs.

Min. thickness: 4mm. Min. tolerance would strictly according to tolerance standard of casting.

2), Material

a. Carbon steel

b. Alloy steel

c. Special alloy steel and Stainless steel

d. Bronze, brass, copper etc.

3), Designs

* As per the customer's drawings

* As per the customer's samples

4), Inscription Style

* RenYi Foundry

* As per customers' requests

5), Packing

* Wood pallet

* Steel pallet

* As per customers' requirements

6), Inspection

* Foundry in-house

* Third Party inspection available upon requirement

OEM parts is welcome.

Ren YiFoundry also offer different casting processes: Sand castings, Precision castings, Investment castings, Lost wax castings, Lost foam die castings and etc.

More information is available upon receipt of your enquiry.

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Alloy Steel Casting Foundry

Model:Alloy Steel Casting Foundry

Alloy steel casting are using for Drilling rig, Agricultural machinery part, Auto part, Rail wagon part, Train part Truck part, Trailer, Carriage part, Excavator part, Vessel, Mining part Machinery, Valves, Convey machinery part, Forklift part, Backhoe loaders Crane part, Derricks part, Transportation Equipment part, Ground engage tooling, CNC center, Machining centers, Hook lift trailer, Rock Breaker, Road construction Equipment part, , Compactor, Grader blade part pipe connection and others

Alloy steel casting

Accurate in reading drawing

Fast in delivery

Strict material inspection

Exact dimension control

Prompt quote & Leadtime guarante...

100% quality control

OEM service, ISO9001: 2000

7. Materials: Alloy steel casting