Aluminum alloy casting is a metallic material made from a combination of aluminum and another element, although aluminum remains the primary component. Silver in color, aluminum casting is a lightweight element that is ductile and resistant to corrosion. There are a large number of aluminum alloys that may be made from various combinations of elements.

Some of the most common aluminum alloys include Al-Li, a combination of aluminum die casting  and lithium; duralumin, a combination of aluminum and copper; magnox, a mix of aluminum and magnesium oxide; and silumin, a combination of aluminum and silicon. Other aluminum alloys are not formally named but instead referenced by a number, such as 2011 aluminum, a combination of seven elements that is used for screw machine stock.

Each aluminum alloy is used for different applications, according to the properties gained by the mixed composition. For example, Al-Li is significantly lighter than pure aluminum, since lithium is the lightest of the metallic elements. Because of its lightweight composition, Al-Li is often used for applications in the aerospace industry

Aluminum Alloy Casting

Aluminum Alloy Cast

Model:Aluminum Alloy Cast

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Aluminum Alloy Casting Parts

Model:Aluminum Alloy Casting Parts

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