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Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum Casting

1)Production, High Pressure Casting

2)Material, Aluminum alloy ADC12 3)Surface finish, Spray

4)Machining, No

5)Casting Equipment, 800T Aluminum Die Casting Machine

6)Quality system, TS16949 available

7)Product Dimensions, 450mm*110mm*180mm

8)Product Thickness, Min 2mm Max 5mm

Detail description, This product is used for the production of sewing machine. Its main point of the requirement about this product is the material, density and surface mirror polished. As follow above requirements we choice the high pressure casting as the density of the product can be controlled effectively though the produce of the large-scale die-casting machine. As well known, only ensuring the density can guarantee the good state of mirror-polished. So we have the control procedures as follows.

1. First of all, it is the control of the raw material. We will take the spectral analysis and ensure the accuracy of the material.

2. We will conduct the first article inspection, inspection and the end pieces of test. We will conduct the devastating smash product, determine if the product is in tact. Then we will inspect the important of the product with the casting size and appearance.

3. It is the same as the inspection procedures in the production of machining processes. We can use the test machine to plus size clothes and control the dimensions.