Aluminum die casting is a metal forming process in which molten aluminum metal is put under pressure and injected into a die. Aluminum die casts are lightweight alloys that have good corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity and strength at high temperatures. Aluminum alloys possess high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin walls.

Aluminum die casting is efficient and economical and offers a wide range of durable shapes and components. Little or no machining is required after a part is die cast, because the process provides very close tolerances for even complex shapes. Aluminum die castings can also be easily plated or finished. Aluminum die castings are dimensionally stable and heat resistant.

Aluminum Die Casting

Golf Camera Parts die casting

Model:Golf Camera Parts die casting

Production Name: Aluminum Camera Parts Material: A360 (A380, A356, ADC12, ADC10 is available) Casting Process:Die casting Gavity: 1 Machining process: Drilling, tapping, turning Surace Treatment available: Powder coating, painting, etc We can provide material certificate/defect inspection testing/CMM inspection, surface coating thickness testing, etc

Aluminum Dental equipment parts

Model:Aluminum Dental equipment parts

Production Name: Aluminum Dental equipment parts, Material: A360 (A380, A356, ADC12, ADC10 is available), Casting Process:Die casting, Machining process: Drilling, tapping, turning, Surace Treatment available: Powder coating, painting, etc, We can provide material certificate/defect inspection testing/CMM inspection, surface coating thickness testing, etc

Auto Parts

Model:Auto Parts

NingBo YinZhou RenYi Casting Machinery Factory is one professional global supplier of aluminum die casting. It is one of the leading companies in the field, which has its indispensible power of influence. Our company formed a large Production Enterprise Alliance, which based on the factory and make great efforts to provide the high-quality aluminum castings for the goals.

Series of aluminum casting equipments, Our factory had many kinds type of die casting machines, Such as 280Ton(20 sets) 400Ton(2 sets) 550Ton(16 sets) 800Ton(12 sets) 1650 Ton (4 sets) 2500Ton (2 sets) 3000Ton(1 set)

Aluminum High Pressure Casting

Model:Aluminum High Pressure Casting

This product's of aluminum die casting main point of the quality requirement about this product is the density and surface mirror polished. As follow above requirements we choice the high pressure casting as the density of the product can be controlled effectively though the produce of the large-scale die-casting machine. As well known, only ensuring the density can guarantee the good state of mirror-polished. So we have the control procedures as follows

We will conduct the first article inspection, inspection and the end pieces of test. We will detect the X-ray detector during the inspection process, and the testing standards according to ASTM E505A2. Then we will inspect the important of the product with the casting size and appearance.

Aluminium Die Cast

Model:Aluminium Die Cast

Professional die casting manufacturer with both hot chamber and cold chamber machinery. With in house machining, polishing, painting, powder coat and assembly capability. Can also supply with plated or anodized or chromated finish. Plated finish includes zinc, nickel, chrome, antique copper, antique brass etc. compliance is available. ISO9001: 2000 certified.Qualtiy and competitive price guaranteed

Aluminum Die Casting Part

Model:Aluminum Die Casting Part

Providing Die Casting molding service to make Al part accoriding the drawings from different customer. Different Size and surface treatment can be achieved. Value-Added Services Precision CNC machining Chromate/anodize Copper/silver plating Powder coating Nickel coating Silk screening Heat treating Impregnation Deburring Assembly and test Leak test

Aluminum Die Casting Circle

Model:Aluminum Die Casting Circle

Name: Aluminum rim Material quality: Aluminium alloy Processing technic: Die-casting Surface treatment: Dusting black This product is one circle, It is have variety of specifications. Including two kinds of surface treatments. One is dusting black another kind is galvanized.