Aluminum Precision Casting refers to the highly precise and reliable method of metal casting also known as investment casting. Investment casting is used to produce complex metal parts in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and weights. Many manufacturers depend on the investment casting process to produce accurate dimensional, precision casting parts.


aluminum Precision casting benefits all types of industries, including aerospace, jewelry, automotive, medical, and dental. Investment casting can produce high-precision mechanical and engineering parts, automotive engine parts, medical equipment, and braces, among other common items.

Though precision casting is more expensive than other types of casting processes, it provides greater detail, design flexibility, and selection of alloys. It also produces lightweight parts. Precision casting also saves money because it does not require welding, assembly, or finishing work. The quality of precision casting is determined by the strength and tense ductility of the casting.

Aluminum Precision Casting

Aluminum Casting & Machining Components

Model:Aluminum Casting & Machining Components

Supply both Aluminium Casting andCNC machining work, such as Aluminium valve, Aluminium housing, Aluminium holder, Aluminium casing, Aluminium wheel, Aluminium handle, Aluminium foot and others.

We are Chinese factory that produce rubber, metal, and rubber to metal bonded parts for various industries. Regarding metal parts, we supply Aluminum/ Zinc Alloy die-castings, steel punching parts and brass machining parts.

Aluminum Precision Casting Part

Model:Aluminum Precision Casting Part

1), We are ISO9001: 2008 certified, BSI Kitemarked, TUV certified, SGS certified and NF certified.2), SYI products are widely used in many fields, for example bench leg for garden furniture & auto parts etc. Readable software includes PRO/E, auto CAD, UG and solid works 2008 flow analysis. You might also get suggestions from us to help you save time.