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Aluminum Sand Cast

Aluminum Sand Cast

Material: aluminum alloy

Aluminum sand casting parts suitable for lighting parts, machinery parts and construction parts, with heat treatment, polishing.

Three types of molds die castings, sand castings and permanent mold casting (gravity or chill casting)

Software for drawing: PRO/E, auto CAD, UG, CAD, PDF and solid works 2008 flow analysis

Further machining work: turning, cutting, milling, grinding, drilling, reaming and threading

Surface finish: polishing shot blasting, chromate plating, power coated and anodizing

OEM and ODM parts range: auto parts, electronic parts, furniture parts, home appliance and other industrial uses

Processes: CAD service, metal processing, surface plating, QC testing and packing

Customized drawings, specifications and samples are welcome

Weight: 0.10 to 100kg

Casting capacity: 200 to 500 tons/month