The molten material is poured in the pouring cup, which is part of the gating system that supplies the molten material to the mold cavity. The vertical part of the gating system connected to the pouring cup is the sprue, and the horizontal portion is called the runners and finally to the multiple points where it is introduced to the mold cavity called the gates. Additionally there are extensions to the gating system called vents that provide the path for the built up gases and the displaced air to vent to the atmosphere. The cavity is usually made oversize to allow for the metal contraction as it cools down to room temperature. This is achieved by making the pattern oversize. To account for shrinking, the pattern must be made oversize by these factors, on the average. These are linear factors and apply in each direction. These shrinkage allowance are only approximate, because the exact allowance is determined the shape and size of the casting. In addition, different parts of the casting might require a different shrinkage allowance. See the casting allowance table for the approximate shrinkage allowance expressed as the Pattern Oversize Factor. sand casting, cast iron casting

Brass Casting

Brass Castings

Model:Brass Castings

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Brass Casting Bell

Model:Brass Casting Bell

Brass casting

1. Material: Various kinds of brass, bronze, and other copper alloys

CuZn39pb2, CuZn40, CuSn7ZnPb, CuAi10Fe3, C37700, C84400, C94300, C95500, CuSn12Ni2, HPb59-1, HPb58-3 etc, 2. Casting: Silicon lost wax casting(precision casting or investment casting)sand casting

3. Maching: CNC lathe, four-axis Milling center, CNC Milling machine, Vertical machining center, Universal turret milling machine, Universal Radial milling machine, wire cutting

4. Finishing: Anodize, polishing, heat treatment

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