In a two-part mold, which is typical of sand castings, the upper half, including the top half of the pattern, flask, and core is called cope and the lower half is called drag. The parting line or the parting surface is line or surface that separates the cope and drag. The drag is first filled partially with sand, and the core print, the cores, and the gating system are placed near the parting line. The cope is then assembled to the drag, andthe sand is poured on the cope half, covering the pattern, core and the gating system. The sand is compacted by vibration and mechanical means. Next, the cope is removed from the drag, and the pattern is carefully removed. The object is to remove the pattern without breaking the mold cavity. This is facilitated by designing a draft, a slight angular offset from the vertical to the vertical surfaces of the pattern. This is usually a minimum of 1?or 1.5 mm (0.060 in), whichever is greater. The rougher the surface of the pattern, the more the draft to be provided. sand casting, cast iron casting

We have two factory shops for sand casting products,cast from the material ofcast iron castingductile iron, aluminum, brass. We have both towering furnace for big melting volume and intermediate frequency furnaces for less melting volume. The annual output capability is more than 1000 tons. Our mainly sand casting parts is: for the diesel oil vehicles of engine body and impeller, various water pump body and housing, for the food industry machine, such as tomato mill machine parts of body and Spiral, meat mincer machine parts of body,Spiral and ring. We also can cast the big body for grinding or lathe machine

Bronze Casting

Bronze Pump Body

Model:Bronze Pump Body

We provide the bronze sand castings with material of C83600, C95200, C95300, C95400... The casting weight is from 0.5kg to 50kgs. We also provide the precision CNC machining after casting.

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Bronze Castings

Model:Bronze Castings

Bronze sand casting part Material of bronze casting: C83600, C95200, C95400 Full dimensions inpection with CNC machining center Smooth surfacre Bronze sand casting part: We are a professional Non-ferrous castings manufacturer with CNC machining centers. We can supply the customers various complex geometry castings and precision machining as per customers' drawing requirement. We can provide the customers ' one-stop' service from the initial development to mass producion.

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