Carbon Steel Casting is a type of ferrous investment casting in which casts are made out of stainless and carbon alloy steels. During steel casting, free-flowing liquid steel is shaped through the use of molds. Carbon Steel castingproduces small, complex, or hard-to-machine shapes, eliminating the need for assembly, welding, and other finishing work.

Important factors to consider when selecting steel castings are the design, material and testing. When ordering steel castings, the type of steel that will be used to produce the part must be identified. Steel castings are usually ordered to ASTM requirements. By specifying the test methods for an order, the requirements of the material can be guaranteed.

Steel castings are utilized by multiple industries including energy, construction, transportation, general industry, and marine. Because steel are stronger than cast iron, wrought iron, and malleable iron, steel castings are typically used in the manufacturing of parts that must endure shocks, wear, or heavy loads. Steel castings can be made from carbon steel, low and high alloy steel, low temperature steel, heat resistant steel, and stainless steel.

Carbon Steel Casting

Carbon Steel Precision Casting

Model:Carbon Steel Precision Casting

This part is worked by precision casting. Material is carbon steel.

More details of RenYi carbon steel precision casting:

1) We are ISO9001:2008 certified, BSI Kitemarked, TUV certified, SGS certified and NF certified.

2) OEM service is available.

3) Material: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant steel etc.

4) Standard: ANSI, ASTM, JIS, DIN, GB

5) Weight: 0.05kg to 60 kg

6) Manufacture details:

Wax Injection-Mending-Tree Making-Ceramic Shell Cluster-Dewax-Burn-Out and Preheating-Casting-Cutting-Grinding-Shot Blasting-Heat Treatment-Shot Blasting-QC-Acid Washing-Finishes Products

Carbon Steel Casting Parts

Model:Carbon Steel Casting Parts

1. Product Name: Investment Casting / Precision Casting Parts / ball Valves / stainless steel sand casting parts / machinery parts / CNC machining parts, Steel Investment Casting / lost wax / casting / die casting

2. Progress of precision casting: Investment casting

3. Precision Casting materials: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, iron, alloy, aluminum

4. We can do different kinds of surface treatment after casting, such as machining, polishing, and plating

5. All sorts of precision casting parts: Marine casting parts, auto parts, machinary casting parts, pump parts, hardware parts

6. OEM are welcomed.