We have two factory shops for sand casting products,cast from the material of cast iron, ductile iron casting, aluminum, brass. We have both towering furnace for big melting volume and intermediate frequency furnaces for less melting volume. The annual output capability is more than 1000 tons. Our mainly sand casting parts is: for the diesel oil vehicles of engine body and impeller, various water pump body and housing, for the food industry machine, such as tomato mill machine parts of body and Spiral, meat mincer machine parts of body,Spiral and ring. We also can cast the big body for grinding or lathe machine

Iron Sand Casting

Iron Sand Castings

Model:Iron Sand Castings

Place of origin: China iron sand casting factory, China Ningbo iron sand casting manufacturer, company, suppiler.

We can also produce precision castings, investment castings, lost foam castings, lost wax castings, sand casting, green sand castings, die casting, gravity castings, aluminum castings, steel castings, iron castings.

If you are interested in our iron sand casting parts, please contact me.

Iron Castings

Model:Iron Castings

Detailed Description of RenYi Iron Castings:

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Renyi Foundry offer cast iron castings under different snad casting processes: Sand castings, Precision castings, Investment castings, Lost wax castings, Lost foam castings and etc.