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Iron Castings

Iron Castings

Detailed Description of RenYi Iron Castings:

1), Product Information:

Renyi Foundry offer cast iron castings under different snad casting processes: Sand castings, Precision castings, Investment castings, Lost wax castings, Lost foam castings and etc.

2), Material

a. Grey cast iron

b. Ductile iron

3), Designs

* As per the customer's drawings

* As per the customer's samples

4), Inscription Style

* RenYiFoundry

* As per customers' requests

5), Packing

* Wood pallet

* Steel pallet

* As per customers' requirements

6), Inspection

* Foundry in-house

* Third Party inspection available upon requirement

OEM parts is welcome.

More information is available upon receipt of your enquiry.

You will get our quick reply!