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Machining Spindle Parts For Die Casting

The materials used for the slurry are a mixture of plaster of Paris, a binder and powdered silica, a refractory, for low temperature melts. For higher temperature melts, sillimanite an alumina-silicate is used as a refractory, and silica is used as a binder. Depending on the fineness of the finish desired additional coatings of sillimanite and ethyl silicate may be applied. The mold thus produced can be used directly for light castings, or be reinforced by placing it in a larger container and reinforcing it more slurry

Description: Rubber parts
Application: For incabloc
Material: Rubber
Drawing format accept: Pdf, Jpg, CAD, IGS, STP,Pro-E
Casting Process: Rubber injectiion moulding
Mainly Machining Process: No machining
Lead time for sample: 25-30days
Delivery time for normal order: 30days
Payment terms: T/T, L/C or negotiate
Delivery port departure NINGBO , SHANGHAI PORT