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Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

Aluminum Pressure Die Casting

We are one of leading ISO 9001: 2000 certified manufacturer of aluminum die castingdie casting and zinc die casting in china. Our products vary from home appliances, office appliances, precise automotive industries, to spare parts of industry hardware and etc.

1. Professional manufacturer

2. Certificates: ISO 9001: 2000

3. High quality and best prices

Item name Aluminum Pressure Die Casting
 Product description            

1.Material: Aluminum(6061, 6063,7075), Aluminum alloy,A360, A380, A383, AlSi10Mg, ADC10, ADC12, ZL104, ZL107;

2.Process: Die Casting+Machining

3. Precision machining:CNC lathes, milling, drilling, grinding, etc. Surface 4.Finish: high quality polish, Chrome/nickek/Zinc(white, blue, yellow, black)plating, hot galvanized, painting, powder coating, Anodize,electrophoresis, sandblasting and ect.

5.Small quantity is also available

6.Production Leadtime: 7-30 days depending on the quantity of the order 7.The product in the prictures are our customers’ OEM products,for reference only.


1.Our factory is specialized in doing OEM/ODM products according to customers’ drawings or samples

2.Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, solid work 2001,CAXA,UG,CAD,CAM

3.Certificates: ISO 9001:2000  

4.Advanced equipment, excellent R&D teams and strict quality control system