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Ductile Iron Sand Casting

Ductile Iron Sand Casting

We produce various ductile iron casting parts

Ductile Iron Material Grades



ISO600-3,QT600-3, ASTM80-55-06, ASTM80-60-03,GGG60,EN-GJS-600-3,FCD600

ISO700-2, QT700-2, ASTM100-70-03,GGG70,EN-GJS-700-2,FCD700

Ductile Iron Application

sand mould tooling&casting demonstration

Ductile iron has high plasticity and good toughness, the tensile strength of ductile iron is 60k psi and the yield strength of ductile iron is 40k psi, it can be comparable to carbon steel in strength. So it is often used to produce iron parts which require high strength, toughness and complex shapes.

Its cast performance is better than steel, mainly used to manufacture machine parts.

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