Our main product is aluminum die-casting and related product, we owns several sets demestic famous brand die-casting machines from 130tons ~ 450tons. As well as excellent engineers and skilled operation workers. We are appointed suppier provide electric meter base and gas meter shell to the largest domestic electric meter enterprise Our die-casting product widely used in automotive engineering machinery, engines, communications, tools, electronics, flooring, machinery parts, fence decorative pieces, and so on industries.

Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting

Model:Zinc Die Casting

We can produce castings with kinds of material, such as carbon steel and alloy steel, stainless steel , grey iron, ductile iron, aluminum, brass as well as bronze.Besides, it is also available for us to supply a series of finish steps for the rough casting and metal parts, such as finish machining, welding, heat treating,caseharden, plating, anodizing ,painting etc. Moreover, thanks to our many qualified suppliers for the rubber, plastic injectiong molding,spring, punching,stamping prouducts, that enable us to provide our customers the complete set projects while assemling the correlative products if customers request.

Aluminium and Zinc Die Casting Parts

Model:Aluminium and Zinc Die Casting Parts

That is the reason why customer support and consultancy is one of the major side of our work. We collaborate with our customers R&D departments to solve the injection molding, technological and organizational problems. Questions of plastic parts quality, molding cycle time minimization and, certainly, profitability will be solved at the discussion stage of plastic part design before the mold design phase.

zinc die cast

Model:zinc die cast

We are the industrial company specializing in the design and manufacture of die-casting dies.ersonnel is the main value of our company. Our team has been started to build long time before company foundation. It can be said without false modesty: Most of our employees have the golden hands and excellent head. Everyone adds something new and positive in our work, tries to use all their knowledge and abilities. Not our technologies but company's atmosphere is the main our pride. Quality is our series product!

zinc die casting parts

Model:zinc die casting parts

The Die Casting Lock Company has been in business for more than 20 years and handles many kinds of door locks and hinges for electric cabinets, office appliance and file cabniets Our products are widely used in the field of different kinds of distribution rooms for power station and factories, ntrolling switchboards, high - voltage electric cabinets outdoors with dirt and water proofed, drawer lock and interlock, out door lock. Also, we are making all kinds of furniture hardware of fitting